Sessions With Kathleen

Are unlike anything else you've ever experienced! We go where ever you need to go to repair your soul. I am your personal shamanic warrior earth angel who brings all this and more to your healing journey. This is the real deal, get to the bottom of it style of work. And you are held with so much Love! You will feel safe to go into trauma, abuse, fear and other stressful places because you will feel the love of the mother through my heart container.

You will feel empowered because I will see you, truly see your whole being, spirit and soul. I will witness your gifts and help you to really see them too. Your unique expression of life is a gift that I will have the honor of helping you to unfold. Then you can claim it and bring it fully into your body, grounding your spiritual life force here onto the planet.

This is the true work we are being called to right now. It is the most important thing we can be doing. How can we truly help others and the planet if we don't first have a clear connection with our center?  The alchemy of our work together will connect you with the core of your being, your authentic self and with the earth.

Do you have physical ailments? Blockages in the energetic body show up as physical issues, so by removing the underlying cause we catalyze your healing process.

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Kathleen is a gifted healer and has many powerful allies. She has been able to "clean up" a number of persistent issues which had a direct positive result in the way that I feel. I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about waking up to what this reality really is, and is willing to get serious about healing/transformation.  -Kevin

Kathleen helped me to work through a lot of emotional trauma from my last relationship and accept who I truly am. I feel much more clear and at ease. -Stephan

The healing tools you showed me continue to do me great benefit. You helped me through a traumatic time. Thank you!  -Kristen

I felt so comforted by Kathleen while going through a big life change. With her depth of awareness, she helped me to see different perspectives so I could regain my light and clarity. I am now more confident and compassionate as a parent and businessman. –Sebastian

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The Grounded Spiritualist

A blog the blends the day to day with the other side!

Practical information, nourishment for the soul and tales to tickle the feathers of your more spiritual side!

I help people to free the mind and activate the heart. I see your essence and guide you through the next step of awakening into your true self. If becoming a clear expression of light and embracing greater love and true power is what excites you, then we will create this together. I have seen this over and over with my clients and know how to guide you into your true self.

Do you want to move through adversities with ease and experience activated contentment?  It may take focus, but with my support, you can access peace, love and joy from inside yourself without having to look anywhere else!

I come from a long line of healers and teachers and have followed my passion for transformation into the depths and heights so that I could be a great mom, friend, lover and community member. I track subtle energies and invoke high levels of light information and power for your healing journey. You will feel uplifted and empowered from working with me.  Call me now to set up a 20 min, free chat. You can not go wrong, only towards more YES!


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